• Amazfit Neo, Retro Design
  • Amazfit Neo, Retro Design
  • Amazfit Neo, Retro Design
  • Amazfit Neo, Retro Design
  • Amazfit Neo, Retro Design

Amazfit Neo, Retro Design

What’s in the box Amazfit Neo, Retro Design
Material PVC
Colour Black
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Ksh. 11,000.00
Ksh. 5,500.00

High-end pedometer. It has the functions of ordinary pedometers for general step counting and measuring distance, calories, and fat. It also has special functions such as sleep monitoring, high-grade waterproof, Bluetooth 4.0 data transmission, and fatigue reminder. [4]. As a wearable device, smart bracelets tend to look cool. The design style of the smart bracelet is quite tempting for users who are accustomed to wearing jewelry. The small smart bracelet is small in size, but its functions are relatively powerful. Its development involves the transmission of smart bracelet MCU data commands to Bluetooth IC, the data communication protocol from Bluetooth to APP, the implementation of communication debugging logic from APP to the mobile phone, and the implementation of APP. A series of development such as database algorithm design from data to cloud server with Everyday Health Management,Heart Rate Monitoring.

Heart Rate Monitoring
Sleep Monitoring
28-day Battery Life
Always-on Display
Water Resistant up to 50 Meters2
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